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As an initiative to contribute to the society to keep environment clean and to reduce the use single-use plastics, the firm, with women workforce, started to make shopping bags that are direct substitute to plastic bags and can be washed and reused multiple times and are durable and handy to carry along. We started to make different types of bags like tafetta bags, Nepal Cotton Bags, Nepali Dhaka Bags, Hemp Cotton Bags, etc. as and when new opportunities are identified. We produce different types of bags with varied sizes and quantities as per customers' order. We are continuously expanding our product ranges as per the market demand. We serve both retail and wholesale customers. We are based in Nepal and ready to take any global orders. We are small scale business run by women, employing and empowering women.

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Nepali Dhaka Bags

Nepali Dhaka Bags

Nepali Dhaka Bags

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