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About Us

Prakriti Concern Industries is a sole proprietorship firm based on Kathmandu, Nepal and was established on ....

The government of Nepal declared the entire Kathmandu Valley covering the 3 major districts of Nepal - Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur) to be a plastic-bags free zone effective from Nepali New Year day - 1st of Baisakh, 2072 BS that falled on 14 April, 2015 AD.

The proprietor, always being an individual to advocate for the necessity of banning single use plastics surroundings/environment and planet earth as a whole clean and green, was inspired and motivated by this decision of the government.

It was a great opportunity to produce shopping bags that can be substitue to single-use plastic bags in terms of use and convinience as well as price(to some extent).

Being a woman, the proprietor decided to employ women from financially weak families, who are uneducated, single mother, only one person earning in the family, etc so as to provide opportunity to them to make their livelihood and support theri families who were otherwise unemployed or seasonally employed.

Hence, as an initiative to contribute to the society to keep environment clean and to reduce the use single-use plastics, the firm, with women workforce, started to make shopping bags that are direct substitute to plastic bags and can be washed and reused multiple times and are durable too. These shopping bags are easy to carry, weigh light and can be folded in to tiny little size to fit in any pockets.

Today, our products range to various types of bags like tafetta bags, Nepal Cotton Bags, Nepali Dhaka Bags, Hemp Cottom Bags, etc. each available in varied qualities.